Archived Post - A New Layer Of Bots
Lead Developer


Runescape's economy was always based on bots.

Since Runescape Classic, bots have been a part of the game (heck, they're even the reason Runescape Classic was played for so long!). With the recent addition of bot worlds over at OpenRSC (another great Runescape project), we've decided to take the same step forwards.

We've always had bots in the game populating the GE, keeping the game feeling alive, so much so that when we removed them players rioted in Falador. But instead of playing a cat and mouse game (with some of our own developers, even), we decided to unlock them for all; going forwards, everyone can bot.

But I worked so hard!!

Fear not! Players who bot, even once will be permanently removed from the default hiscores, and we're looking at other ways of tagging them too. Authentic accounts will forever be respected and honored, just as they were before. Think twice before enabling this on your main!

Enabling bots:

To start botting, type

in-game to see a list of scripts. Have a script you'd like to see? Fork the project, write it up and submit a PR! Also, please note more scripts are planned to be added in the future, this is mostly just the groundwork.

Other updates

Since we just had an update a few days ago, we've just got a few patch notes for ya :)

Core Changes:
  • Server now has better start/stop functionality
    • ::update will actually completely end the server process now so updating will beeasier and smoother than ever
    • There is also no longer a possibility for players to log in "too early" as the networking doesn't get started until the server is completely up and running!
  • The server now makes use of RSA encryption
  • Server has an all-new system for the grand exchange that attempts to address several major issues

Bug Fixes:
  • Stats now drain/restore properly once again
  • Super Energy potions now restore the correct amount of run energy
  • Brine Sabre now has the proper animations and a handled special attack
  • Arrows and bolts are no longer allowed on Entrana
  • Warrior woman spawns added to varrock castle
  • Fixed the hard leather crafting interface
  • Fixed a bug with lost tribe that prevented advancing past Reldo
  • Fixed a bug where Sigmund could reset Lost Tribe progress

Hope you enjoyed this update, and we'll see you at the next step!