Archived Post - Part of the Lost Tribe
Lead Developer


Wait, it's not February yet?

Don't worry, it came early :)

Duke Horacio's new advisor, Sigmund, has heard something in the cellar. If you've completed Rune Mysteries and Goblin Diplomacy, you should head over and see if you can figure out what happened! Please enjoy this all-new quest to 2009scape!

Lost Tribe:


  • You can now bless spirit shields at any PoH altar provided you have the prayer level and the holy elixir + spirit shield. Alternatively, if you lack the level, you can pay Brother Jered 1,000,000 coins to bless it for you.
  • You can now combine sigils with blessed spirit shields with 90 smithing and 85 prayer. Alternatively, if you lack the levels, you can pay Brother Bordiss in the Edgeville Monastery 1,500,000 coins to combine them for you.
  • Dorgeshuun Crossbows now require completion of the Lost Tribe to equip and use
  • The Goblin Village beacon now requires completion of Lost Tribe instead of Goblin Diplomacy
  • The Inferno Adze now functions as a dragon pickaxe instead of a rune pickaxe
  • Fixed a bug that prevented you from completing the Shield of Arrav quest
  • The default expression for NPCs is now Friendly instead of Half-Guilty
  • Fixed bullseye lantern crafting

Until next time!