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2009scape Hiscores

Those who have been with us for a while know 2009scape has been through a lot. Originally hosted the game without a launcher, spotty connections, server down 12 hours a day, no website, open source but not accepting contributions.. It was a rough time.

But we made the best of it! RedSparr0w, one of the earlier developers, created a 2009scape Discord and our Discord Bot, which contained a mini hiscores channel. We've used that for over a year now, but now we've got something better..

Introducing Hiscores:

These hiscores introduce sorting players by top stats overall, seeing your own stats, as well as filters for xp rate and ironman modes. Almost everything from the real 2009 hiscores is working there, all with a great theme and UI that matches what you'd expect it to be.

We'll be monitoring the hiscores closely for any inconsistencies and making sure everything works as expected over the next couple days. If you spot something that looks off, give me a shout on Discord or any other admin in-game and we'll get it fixed.

Head over to the Hiscores Page now and check it out! It's also accessible from the Community dropdown in the navigation bar at the top.

And for those who are curious, here's what our old hiscores looked like...

Hope you all enjoy this amazing update :)