Archived Post - December update
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Ready for the real December update?

After the sneakpeak in our early December update post, we're back with the real thing. This time, we've got our focus back on the live server and experience!


Nevermind the snow.. You know what time of year it is!

Entrana has been updated! While you could get to it before for the Lost City quest, Entrana received a thorough update adding tonnes of missing content - including Frinco's Herb Store, which really just sells vials...

Frninco's Fabulous Herb Store:

We've also been wrapping up more work to make Christmas on 2009scape as special as it can get - but we didn't forget about other updates and bug fixes players reported :)


Requires 44 Construction or a friend!

Swamp Summoning Cave:

Time to get good at Summoning!

Other Updates:

  • Bots overhaul (Welcome back adventure bots!)
  • Fixed General Stores
  • Adjusted cave slime spawns to be authentic
  • Fixed trading untradeable items
  • Added the ability to catch seaweed from Big net spots
  • Added Big net fishing spots to entrana & more places.
  • Fixed some construction furniture that could not be removed after being built
  • Fixed salute emote
  • Fixed and Implemented many shortcuts across the world!
  • Fixed some NPC's movement
  • Fixed lots of NPC attacks
  • Fremennik Slayer caves overhaul
  • Removed drops for Rats and Spiders (Level 1)
  • Added fixed armored zombies drop table
  • Fixed an Easy Varrock task
  • Rework of Bots Grand Exchange interaction
  • Fixed a lot of Construction bugs
  • Lots more minor to medium fixes and additions
  • Fix Gnomes offering fake cabbages

As always, thanks to our contributors for making this update happen. We love you