Archived Post - Early December update
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Ever want to know your stats?

We've added an all-new ingame ::stats system! Don't worry, it doesn't affect gameplay in any way. It's just a bit of fun that added to the list of fun exclusive stuff of 09- So have some fun with it!

Stats command:

In addition, we've added some Christmas theming, and some of the adventurers around the game have been given some additional spirit. You'll want to be around on certain dates this month to see it

Lastly, we've got more updates!

  • Tormented demons are now accessible by going to the northwest corner of thewilderness volcano
  • Fixed log shortcuts in Isafdar
  • Fixed cutting lemons into lemon chunks
  • Wilderness deaths are now DANGEROUS
  • Lumbridge dummies now stop working after combat 30
  • Miscellania is no longer accessible
  • Fixed the cave exit on Mos' Le Harmless
  • Fixed gargoyle drops for ironmen
  • Can now turn in Falador tasks
  • Fixed the Falador hard task "cut a yew tree in falador that you grew"
  • You should now be able to reclaim your cannon if the server restarts while it's still out
  • You can now only put up to 30 cannonballs in a cannon at once
  • Fixed a typo in Dragon Slayer
  • Fixed a bug where opening doors from certain positions would result in "I cant reach that"
  • Fixed the animations for the skeleton from restless ghost
  • Bots should no longer put noted items on the GE
  • Romeo & Juliet now only awards once
  • Some other miscellaneous undocumented bugs have been fixed

We wish you all a wonderful December :)