Archived Post - Happy Thanksgiving!
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Thanksgiving is about to get a whole lot better!

On behalf of the whole 2009scape team, we all wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving - and even if you don't celebrate it, we've got something else in store you'll be celebrating!


  • Fully implemented all gnome cooking
  • Fully implemented Gnome Restaurant minigame
  • Added functionality for Grand Seed Pod
  • Elven lands have been populated!
  • Player customization interfaces have been fully implemented

Patch Notes:

  • Enchant jewelry tabs now function
  • Fishing spots worldwide have been corrected/added
  • Rates for barrows items have been nerfed
  • Barrows prayer drain now ticks less frequently
  • Removed doors temporarily from POH
  • Adventurer bots have been refined and updated
  • Clue scroll rewards have been completely reworked
  • You can now obtain a puppy from the pet shop in Taverly
  • Fairy Ring interface has been completely fixed (with travel log sorting as well)
  • Fixed make-all bug with single-item skill dialogues
  • White Wolf/Ice Mountain destinations for the Keldagrim Cart System now go to the proper location
  • Fixed MSB-related tasks in Seer's Hard Diary
  • Custom Fur Clothing interface has been completely and fully implemented (fancy dress shop owner in Varrock)