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This week on 2009scape,

Prepare for a whole new adventure as a new city is unlocked. While the city is still under construction there's plenty of shops that still have opened! To get there head to the city of Relekka, and hop on the minecart from the cavern to the City of Smiths, Kelagrim! Meanwhile, new adventurers have entered the game! They enter each city ready to explore the world of 2009scape. Enter the immersion of the brand new adventure bots that go on adventures exploring just like real life players! But don't get fooled to think that they're anything more than just a bot.

A few bug fixes as well have fell upon us:
  • Fixed the portal chambers in player owned houses.
  • Fixed the lectern for construction.
  • Corrected some interfaces.
  • You can now swap pouches/scrolls for shards with Bogrog in Gu'Tanath.
  • Fixed Wilderness clues
  • Added Armour stands for construction
  • Added monk robes to Saradomin Godwars protection.
  • Seer's Village Diary now correctly saves
  • Coal truck tasks in Seers village now completes.
  • Wyson no longer awards 0 white lilly seeds
  • Hotfix for the hairdresser.

Stay tuned for the next installment of updates! have a great week!

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