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An update batch!

Our open source contributors have been hard at work. This is a bit of a test post on how to make monthly update articles, so we'll see how it goes.


  • Jobs no longer take more items from you than they're supposed to.
  • Jobs are now cancellable and a couple impossible-to-complete jobs have been disabled
  • Fixed some bugs with player names that have spaces
  • Added muddy chest
  • Nearly all lanterns are now craftable, lightable and fuelable.
  • Rogue equipment (though unobtainable) now gives chances to double loot
  • Some minor typos fixed
  • A couple other minor bugs I can't quite remember are fixed.
  • Watering Cans now use up their charges
  • Fixed a bug that was causing farming patches not to grow.
  • Players can now access the Kharazi Jungle provided they have a machete.
  • Grinding items with a pestle and mortar no longer infinitely loops the animation
  • You now make chocolate dust by using a knife on a chocolate bar rather than a pestle and mortar
  • Players can once again use tab to reply to PMs.
  • Fixed job cancelling
  • Fixed the stats of several NPCs (thanks Sir Kermit!)
  • Fixed the drop tables of several NPCs (thanks Sir Kermit!)