• ::highscores - launches the highscores for the world you are logged into
  • ::discord - launches a link to for the invite to our discord
  • ::resetpassword - resets your password
  • ::stats - shows cool stats
  • ::quests - display currently implemented quests
  • ::playsong - Plays a specific song
  • ::shop - Opens the credit shop
  • ::ge buying - Opens up the section of what players are buying on the ge.
  • ::ge selling - Opens up the section of what players are selling on the ge.
  • ::ge search - Allows you to search for an item that possibly could be being sold or bought on the ge.
  • ::ge bots - Opens up the section of what bots are selling on the ge.
  • ::ge botsearch - Allows you to search for an item that a bot could be possibly selling on the ge.
  • ::reply - similar to tab where you can respond right away to someone.
  • ::loc - prints the player’s location
  • ::togglexp - toggles the xp drop interface on or off.
  • ::xpconfig - used for configuring the xp drop interface
    • ::xpconfig track recent/total - choose whether to track most recent or total xp
    • ::xpconfig mode increment/instant - whether the total xp updates incrementally (when the xp drops reach it) or instantly (when the xp is gained) only applies to when total xp is being tracked
  • ::toggleslayer - While you have a task you can toggle the slayer counter!
  • ::debug - enable debug info
  • ::fpson - shows the fps overlay (overwrites the xp drop interface until client is restarted)


Can use Player Commands too

  • ::pnpc - Transforms player in an npc
  • ::jail - Jails a player in Varrock’s Jail cell
  • ::players - Shows what players are online
  • ::kick - Kicks a player
  • ::mute - Mutes a player


Can use Moderator & Player Commands too

    Animation Commands

    • ::anim - Forces the player to play an animation.
    • ::loopanim - Forces the player to loop an animation. ::loopanim i.d amount
    • ::ranim - Forces the player to render an animation
    • ::ranimreset - Resets player's render animation to default.
    • ::npcareaanim - Forces animation + messages on all npcs in a radius of 10.

    Spawn Commands

    • ::npc - Spawns an npc with given i.d
    • ::item - spawns an item with given i.d
    • ::object - spawns object with given i.d at player's location.

    Teleport Commands

    • ::to - teleports you to a specific place. EX: ::to varrock
    • ::tele - teleports you to a location. EX ::tele x y z
    • ::teleto - teleports you to a player
    • ::teletome - teleports a player to you
    • ::home - teleports you to lumbridge
    • ::tostar - teleports you to shooting star

    Developer Commands

    • ::farmkit - gives the items you'll need for farming.
    • ::spellbook - swaps your spellbook between normal, ancient and lunar.
    • ::killme - kills your player
    • ::1hit - Kills any monsters with 1 hit.
    • ::god - gives you overly boosted stats.
    • ::max - gives max stats.
    • ::bank - opens your bank
    • ::finishtask - Finishe's a player's slayer task.
    • ::rolltrawlerloot - gets random fishing trawler loot sent to your bank.
    • ::allmusic - Unlocks all music.
    • ::allquest - Unlocks all quests.
    • ::setslayerpoints : Sets the player's slayer points.
    • ::submit - Creates a new shooting star
    • ::resetsprite - Resets the timer in which the sprite stays waiting.
    • ::setlevel - sets a skill to a specific level
    • ::update - updates the server
    • ::cancelupdate - cancels the update before the timner counts all the way down.
    • ::announce - creates an announcement in chat

    Moderation Commands for Admins

    • ::empty - empties a player's inventory
    • ::emptybank - removes everything from your bank
    • ::setpasswordother - sets another player's password for them.
    • ::removeitem - removes an item from a player's inventory. ::removeitem user_name item_id item_amount
    • ::ban - bans a user for a set amount of time. ex: ::ban 500.

    Fun Commands
    • ::mrboneswildride - Plays a funny animation off a player in a minecart repeating "I want to get off Mr. Bones Wild Ride" over and over again.
    • ::invis - makes you invisible to other players.
    • ::potato - gives a rotten potato

Singleplayer Exclusive Commands

(Scripts must be set to true in your default.config)

  • ::scripts - gives a list of botting scripts you can use.</li>
  • ::stopscript - stops the script you are running.</li>

Further Help

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