Our Multiplayer Promise

2009scape operates a live server so that players can come together as a community and enjoy the game with eachother. Should there be any scenario in which we are forced to shut down the live server, we promise that all player saves will be released to the public alongside a fresh build of singleplayer.

We here on the 2009scape staff firmly believe that each player’s save is their own individual property, and we will gladly provide anyone’s save at their request. Even banned players can ask for their save, and we will happily provide (but we will not import singleplayer saves to the official multiplayer server).

Singleplayer Guide

  1. Download the Saradomin Launcher
  2. Click the Singleplayer tab<
  3. Click “Download Singleplayer” on the right-hand side
  4. After Singleplayer finishes downloading, the “Start Singleplayer” button will be available. Click “Start Singleplayer”
  5. Be patient! You’re loading the whole world of RuneScape. It takes time!
  6. When everything is loaded, a client will appear. No need to register for Singleplayer
    • Simply enter whatever login credentials you want!


  • First launch will take a bit longer because the database will have to be properly configured.
  • If you change internal server configuration and things suddenly start to be wonky - that’s on you. The release is meant to be enjoyed as-is and any modifications to the server configuration files are your own.
  • Make sure that you create back ups of your player save to avoid any issues with your save. As a singleplayer member you are responsible for your player backups.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a way to make a friend join the Singleplayer version?

Yes, but it’s difficult and there’s no guide for it. If you want to play with friends or family, we encourage the live server - The other players don’t bite! Here’s an example forum post of a user getting singleplayer with friends working.

Why do I see other players?

There are playerbots that run around to keep the world populated. They can be disabled by toggling “Fake Players

Why do you keep pushing multiplayer so much?

Because we want to play with you!

Is there a point of the GE?

Yes, server sided bots such a adventure bots still collect resources and sell to your ge.

Can I still play minigames?

Of course, majority of the minigames do not require other players to play in the first place. We do have special Pest Control bots, that will play Pest Control with you on the easy and intermediate boats. With that said, you can get your very own set of void armour!

How do I get the PvP and wilderness bots in Server/plugin/ai to work?

You can’t. But don’t worry, the revenants are more than enough of a threat for your wildy.

Can I cheat?

Enable the “Cheats” option and run ::commands to see the list of commands you can use.

How can I modify NPC spawns/Item stats/Shops/etc?

Any modification is possible via the code (see: Setting up the development environment), however some stuff can be modified in the 2009scape/singleplayer/game/data/configs folder. Important note: This is not officially supported.

Missing an answer? Ask on the forums.