Client Plugins


In 2023, 2009scape adapted to the Experimental Client as the main client. This client can be access by either cloning it from Github or directly through the Saradomin Launcher. Unlike the client before it, this client is an authentic client. In order to gain access to things that were originally part of the old client, you will need to install plugins. We went with a plugin system, since they allow us to make inauthentic changes to the client and keep those inauthentic changes optional.


Player QoL

⚔️ BasicInputQoL

Allows the user to use custom features like shift-drop, zoom in/out, and scroll wheel camera movement.

Check out the controls page to learn the controls.

⚔️ Craftify

Adds a block-display above bots/players with their usernames.

⚔️ RememberMyLogin

Is a password manager that remembers your username/passcode of last account logged in.

⚔️ LoginTimer

Displays the session time played, system time, or no time over the "Report Abuse" button.

⚔️ XpDropPlugin

Shows you the xp gained of the current skill you are working on.

⚔️ SlayerTracker

Shows your current slayer task and counts down as you do the task.


⚔️ InterfaceDebugPlugin

Aids in identifying interface components/varps/model IDs.

⚔️ OverheadDebugPlugin

Draws helpful overhead debug information.

⚔️ VarpLogPlugin

Adds a simple log of varp changes drawn directly to the screen.

⚔️ MiniMenuQol

Provides debug and some basic QOL for the MiniMenu

⚔️ IfView

A debug utility for visualizing the component numbers for open interfaces.

Live Server Installtion

Step 1: Launch your Saradomin launcher. You will see menu that looks like this:

It shows the plugins you have installed and the ones available to install. Once you have a few plugins installed, your screen should look like this:

Singleplayer Installation

I believe the goal is to hook it up the same way the live server does, but for now, check out this repo for installation: Guide.