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This game only has one level! Coming soon to Funorb..


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2009scape is made by volunteers! That means we can spend time doing whatever we want. In the spirit of preservation, we've recreated the FunOrb website and uploaded some classic Flash games. These games are completely playable on modern browsers, despite Flash being discontinued in 2020. We hope you enjoy!


1. Are Flash games safe?

Completely safe. Flash games on 2009scape's Funorb are interpreted by Ruffle, a WIP project that transpiles Actionscript code. These Flash games run in a sandbox in your web browser that have no access to your files, or even any browser cookies. We've additionally decompiled and deobfuscated the games listed on this site for additional safety and preservation purposes.

2. Are the externally linked games safe?

Yes. Externally linked games, such as OpenRSC, 2004scape, 2006scape, 2011scape and Darkan.org are all open source and made by trusted community members. With open source codebases, these games have been audited by dozens of talented programmers. The bar to be listed on this site is much higher than Steam, M$ Store, or any other platform.

3. Why not have any recreations of the real Funorb games?

While we would love to do this, we simply don't have the team to accomplish it. There were a few open source attempts to recreate popular Funorb games, including Arcanists, but they never really went anywhere.
The Funorb Subreddit is the best place to go for such discussions - Although 2009scape does not endorse or recommend neither Reddit nor anything you find there. Be warned!

4. There's an old game I used to play! Can you add it?

Post a request on the forums

5. I have another question

Ask on the forum!

Development Team

Lead: Ceikry
Maintainer: Ryannathans
Development: Red Bracket
Graphics: Rustfox
Editing: Red Bracket

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