Ore Store

The Ore Store is located in Jatizso. It is in the same building as the Amour Shop. The store owner is Hring Hring and the shop is located near the mine and a bank.




Sell Price

Buy Price

Copper ore 10 20gp 12gp
Tin ore 10 20gp 12gp
Iron Ore 0 17gp 10gp
Silve Ore 0 75gp 45gp
Coal 0 45gp 27gp
Gold Ore 0 150gp 97gp
Mith Ore 0 162gp 97gp
Addy Ore 0 400gp 240gp

Update History

12 July 2021 ( Update )
  • Added to 2009scape.

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