Armour Shop

The Armour Shop is located in Jatizso. It is in the same building as the Ore Store. The store owner is Raum Urda-Stein and the shop is located near the mine and a bank.




Sell Price

Buy Price

Mith Chainbody 10 2600gp 0gp
Mith Med Helm 10 2158gp 0gp
Mith Full Helm 10 1690gp 0gp
Mith Square Shield 10 475gp 0gp
Mith Kiteshield 10 1300gp 0gp
Mith Platelegs 10 1690gp 0gp
Mith Plateskirt 10 475gp 0gp
Mith Platebody 10 1300gp 0gp

Update History

12 July 2021 ( Update )
  • Added to 2009scape.

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