Ring of Starsprites

The brand new ring of starsprites is the 2009scape custom item adding to the fun times we all have with shooting starts!

You unlock a blue print that allows you to craft the ring by mining shooting stars, then you must turn that into a star sprite that will turn that into a ring for you.



Ring Mould 1
Silver Bar 1
Dragon Stone 1
Ring Blueprint 1
Stardust 200

Obtaining the blueprint

Star Tier

Chance per stardust mined

9 1/250
8 1/500
7 1/750
6 1/1k
5 1/2k
4 1/3k
3 1/4k
2 1/5k
1 1/10k
Turning in Stardust 1/500

While wearing the ring and turning in stardust to a star sprite, you have an additional chance of rolling to receive one of the following bonuses on top of the 10 minute mining bonus:

Possible other benefits (Chance) only 1 can proc - Table C



Gain an extra 5 minutes of double ore chance 1/3
Double 1 random reward received from the end of the event 1/5
Reset daily stardust turn in 1/25

Other Information
  • You can only ever have 1 ring on your person/in your bank
  • Can only be used to teleport to the currently active fallen star once per day.
  • When equipped provides an increased chance to receive gems while mining ore (same boost as ring of wealth)
  • The ring is untradeable.

Update History

19 July 2021 ( Update )
  • Added to 2009scape.

  • Note: If you see something not on this page that currently is in-game please let Summer know.