The Fremennik Trials (Members)

Council workmen have at last found time to make repairs to the footbridge that connects Kandarin with the barbarian town of Rellekka.

Do you have what it takes to impress the barbarians who live there and perhaps be welcomed as an honorary member of their clan?
Quest Information
Members only: Yes
Start point: The longhall in Rellekka, north-west of Sinclair Mansion
To Start: Speak to Chieftain Brundt
Quest Length: Long
Minimum Requirements:
40 Crafting
25 Fletching
40 Woodcutting
Be able to defeat level 69 enemies
Be prepared to fight without any armour or weapons
Impressing the barbarians

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Experience Other Quest points

2812.4 Agility
2812.4 Attack
2812.4 Constitution
2812.4 Crafting
2812.4 Defence
2812.4 Fishing
2812.4 Fletching
2812.4 Strength
2812.4 Thieving
2812.4 Woodcutting

Access to Miscellania and Etceteria, and training in Rellekka

3 QP
Development Team
Developer: James B
Graphics: Joe R, Neil R
Quality Assurance: Andrew C
QuestHelp: Gillan M
Audio: Ian T