Nomad's Requiem (Members)

The dark underbelly of Soul Wars is visible to anyone who looks hard enough: souls are collected and filtered through a giant obelisk; avatars of both nature and destruction are called into being and then slaughtered; a single man benefits from the exploits of dozens of adventurers.

Zimberfizz is aware of this, and has also noted a change in Nomad. He's been spending more and more time in his tent, and Zimberfizz wants you to investigate just what Nomad is up to.
Quest Information
Members only: Yes
Start point: Zimberfizz on the Soul Wars island
To Start: Speak to Zimberfizz
Quest Length: Medium
Minimum Requirements:
King's Ransom, including the Knight Waves
Level 75 Magic
Level 70 Prayer
Level 66 Mining
Level 65 Hunter
Level 60 Construction
Completed the Soul Wars tutorial
Completed at least one game of Soul Wars
There's no-one madder than Nomad

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Experience Other Quest points


70 Soul Wars Zeal, Soul Wars cape, Soul Wars respawn point

3 QP
Development Team
Developer: Chris E
Lead Design: Mark O
Lead Graphics Artist: Kavi M
Graphics: Mark C, Alex R, Chris W
Quality Assurance: Thomas H, Liam H
QuestHelp: David O
Audio: Grace D