Mourning's Ends Part I (Members)

It seems at last Arianwyn has need of your skills.

He believes there is more to the mourners than meets the eye, and he wishes for you to find out just what they're up to. Can you gain the trust of the mourners?
Quest Information
Members only: Yes
Start point: Roving Elves
To Start: Speak to Eluned
Quest Length: Long
Minimum Requirements:
Big Chompy Bird Hunting
Roving Elves
Sheep Herder
Level 60 Ranged
Level 50 Thieving

Green sheep?

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Experience Quest points

25000 Constitution
25000 Thieving

2 QP
Development Team
Developer: Dylan C
Graphics: Tom W, Neil R, John S
Quality Assurance: Martin I
QuestHelp: Rob M
Audio: Ian T