Lunar Diplomacy (Members)

Get ready to be taken on a diplomatic mission between the Fremennik and the mysterious Moon Clan of Lunar Isle.

It's up to you to settle their dispute and bring peace to these lands. Along your mission you will travel with pirates in their giant sea galleon, explore a new magical island and journey into your very dreams!
Quest Information
Members only: Yes
Start point: Docks of Rellekka
To Start: Talk to Lokar
Quest Length: Long
Minimum Requirements:
The Fremennik Trials
Lost City
Rune Mysteries
Shilo Village
Level 61 Crafting
Level 40 Defence
Level 49 Firemaking
Level 5 Herblore
Level 65 Magic
Level 60 Mining
Level 55 Woodcutting

The strange Moon Clan township

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Experience Items Quest points

5000 Magic
5000 Runecrafting

50 Astral runes
Access to the Lunar Spellbook

2 QP
Development Team
Developer: Tim C, James B
Quality Assurance: Francis B / Adam D
Graphics: Dan B / Neil R
QuestHelp: Rob K
Audio: Ian T