Legends' Quest (Members)

Accept the challenge of the Legends' Guild to map the southern part of Karamja Island, make friends with the natives and bring back a prize to display in the Legends Guild main hall.
Quest Information
Members only: Yes
Start point: Legends' Guild main gates - north-east of Ardougne
To Start: Speak to Legends' Guild guards
Quest Length: Long
Minimum Requirements:
108 Quest Points
The Family Crest
Heroes' Quest
Shilo Village
Underground Pass
Waterfall Quest
Level 50 Agility
Level 50 Crafting
Level 45 Herblore
Level 56 Magic
Level 52 Mining
Level 42 Prayer
Level 50 Smithing
Level 50 Strength
Level 50 Thieving
Level 50 Woodcutting
In the gardens of the Legends' Guild

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Experience Other Quest points

7650 x 4 in a choice of skills

Ability to access the Legends' Guild
Ability to wield the dragon square and Cape of Legends

4 QP
Development Team
Developer: Tytn H
Audio: Ian T