Guild Guide


When travelling around the world of RuneScape, you will probably run across a specialised building, or guild, where masters of a skill or warriors who have proven themselves in battle can enter. This guide brings all the guilds together into one place, detailing the location, requirements to enter, and any key points.

Skill-related Guilds

Location of the Monastery

The Monastery

To enter the Monastery, you will need at least level 31 Prayer.

Considered a guild by many, the Monastery is located north of Falador, and due west of Edgeville.

Although the monks around the Monastery will heal wounded warriors if they are asked, only people with 31 Prayer or more are allowed access to the upper floor. On the upper floor, there is a respawn point for monk's robes, both the top and bottom. There is also a unique altar here, that when prayed at, will give 2 more Prayer points onto your Prayer point total.

Brother Jered also resides on the top floor, and will bless silver symbols of Saradomin if you present them to him and ask nicely.
Location of the Cooks' Guild

The Cooks' Guild

To enter the Cooks' Guild, you will need at least level 32 Cooking, and you must be wearing a chef's hat (obtainable from Varrock fancy dress shop or dropped by imps/goblins). If you are persistent enough to reach level 99 Cooking, you can wear your Skillcape of Cooking instead of the chef's hat.

The Cooks' Guild is located due west of Varrock. Inside, you will find a variety of Cooking ingredients and useful items to help boost your Cooking skill. There is even a pie shop which will do business with you if you desire.

For more information on the Cooks' Guild, please view the Cooking - Extra Features page.
Location of the Crafting Guild

The Crafting Guild

To enter the Crafting Guild, you must have at least level 40 Crafting, and be wearing a brown apron (obtainable from Varrock clothes store). If you persevere and prove your workmanship by reaching level 99 Crafting, you can wear your Skillcape of Crafting instead of the apron.

The Crafting Guild is located south of Falador. The guild consists of 2 floors, both with useful items for master crafters:
Ground floor:
  • Amulet mould
  • Jug
  • Hammer
  • Chisel
  • Silver, clay and gold ore
First floor:
  • Holy mould
  • Necklace mould
  • Ring mould
  • Tiara mould
  • Shears
Location of the Ranging Guild

The Ranging Guild

To enter the Ranging Guild, you will need to have at least level 40 Ranged.

The Ranging Guild is located in the Hemenster region, south-west of Seers' Village and north of East Ardougne.

The Guild contains a large number of items and features, including a Target Practice game, tribal shops which stock unique ranged weapons, and other useful areas to train your Ranged skill on an opponent at distance.

For a detailed guide to the Ranging Guild, please view the Ranged - Extra Features page.
Location of the Mining Guild

The Mining Guild

To enter the Mining Guild, you will need to have at least level 60 Mining.

The Mining Guild is accessible from Falador (south of the east bank) or from the Dwarven Mines, each entrance requiring 60 Mining to enter.

The Guild contains a large amount of coal, with some mithril ore as well, providing a useful source of these sought-after metals for your Smithing skill.

For more information on the Dwarven Mine and a map, please see the Mining - Extra Features page.
Location of the Wizards' Guild

The Wizards' Guild

To enter the Wizards' Guild, you must have level 66 Magic or more.

The Wizards' Guild is located in the magical town of Yanille, south of Port Khazard.

This guild has many floors and features, including zombies in the basement, which are useful for training on as they are behind bars at a safe distance. There are magical shops here, where you can buy runes, battlestaves and even mystic robes!

The wizards have even used their masterful skills to direct portals to provide their fellow mages with quick routes to magical locations around RuneScape.

For more information, please view the Magic - Extra Features page.
Location of the Fishing Guild

The Fishing Guild

To enter the Fishing Guild, you will need at least level 68 Fishing.

The Fishing Guild is located north of East Ardougne, and south-west of Hemenster/Seers' Village. Inside, you will find a variety of Fishing equipment and useful items to use while Fishing, such as harpoon, lobster pot and big net respawn points.

Aside from the Fishing spots where you train Fishing, Roachey is found in the shop south of the bank, and he will buy and sell raw or cooked fish if you wish. There is also a range near the entrance area.

For more information on the Fishing Guild, please view the Fishing - Extra Features page.
Location of the Warriors' Guild

The Warriors' Guild

To enter the Warriors' Guild, you need to meet one of the following criteria: level 99 Attack, level 99 Strength, or a combined Strength and Attack level of at least 130.

The Warriors' Guild is located on the western outskirts of Burthorpe, north of Taverley and White Wolf Mountain.

This guild is a massive building and contains a selection of combat based activities, in which you compete to earn tokens and hence access to the top floor, where you can fight cyclopes to earn defenders.

A full guide to the Warriors' Guild can be found here
Location of the Runecrafting Guild

The Runecrafting Guild

To enter the Runecrafting Guild, you must have completed Rune Mysteries and have a Runecrafting level of 50 or more.

The Runecrafting Guild is within a strange plane parallel to RuneScape, and can be accessed through a portal on the first floor of the Wizards' Tower, south of Draynor Village.

The Runecrafting Guild is filled with the results of the weird experiments that wizards and researchers from across RuneScape have undertaken since the guild was established. Its primary purpose is to enhance the study of the strange orbs that are released when crafting runes, for which the researchers need assistants.

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The Champions' Guild

Location of the Champions' Guild
To enter the Champions' Guild, you need to have at least 33 quest points, as you will be taken on the Dragon Slayer quest to prove yourself worthy to the guildmaster.

The Champions' Guild is located south-west of Varrock.

Inside, you will find there is a plentiful chicken supply, with a nearby range, useful if you are a budding chef. Downstairs there is also a trapdoor, the entrance to the Champions' Challenge.

Upstairs you will find Scavvo, the rune retailer. He does not stock rune platebodies, but has a good supply of rune weapons and alternative armour. Valaine is also found on the first floor, and stocks a blue cape (associated with champions), a black full helm and platelegs, and adamantite platebodies.

The Heroes' Guild

Location of the Heroes' Guild
To enter the Heroes' Guild, you must first complete the Heroes' quest.

The Heroes' Guild is located south of Burthorpe and north of Taverley.

In the main hall there are statues of the heroes Arrav and Camorra, and you will see that you can go up or down. On the first floor resides Helemos, who will sell dragon battleaxes or dragon maces to any hero. There is also an altar if you need to recharge your Prayer.

If you head down the ladder, you will find yourself in a large dungeon area. This area contains precious metals such as mithril, adamantite and even some runite rocks! Aside from this, there is also a caged blue dragon, useful for heroes to train on. Last, but by no means least, there is the Fountain of Heroes, the fountain into which you dip your uncharged amulets of glory to receive 4 new charges.

The Legends' Guild

Location of the Legends' Guild
To enter the Legends' Guild, you must first have 108 quest points, and hence complete the Legends' Quest.

The Legends' Guild is located north-east of East Ardougne.

In the entrance room you will see Radimus Erkle, proudly admiring a certain item you retrieved for him. On the first floor you will see Fionella, who has a stock of useful food items, attack potions and steel arrows. There are two ladders from this floor to the next; the one to the east takes you to the bank. The one on the west takes you to Siegfried Erkle, who has a stock of 'useful items'. This stock includes mithril seeds (for making wieldable flowers), keys, the mighty dragon shield (right half) and the Cape of Legends.

Beneath the guild, there is a vast area which contains monsters such as giant bats, pit scorpions and the mysterious shadow warriors.

The Thieves' Guild

Location of the Thieves' Guild
There are no skill requirements to enter the Thieves' Guild cellar, but in order to establish and develop the guild you will need to complete various capers, starting with the Buyers and Cellars quest, each of which has its own skill requirements.

The Thieves' Guild is located under the house just north of the Lumbridge furnace. It can be accessed via the trapdoor just outside of the house's north wall.

The brainchild of Darren Lightfinger and his right-hand man, Chief Thief Robin, the up-and-coming Thieves' Guild is a work in progress. Completing Buyers and Cellars and subsequent Thieves' Guild capers will earn the funds needed to develop the guild, expanding its initially modest facilities.

The guild has the potential to contain an array of training facilities, a thieving tools store and a bank. All training completed in the guild (pickpocketing, safe-cracking, lockpicking and coshing) awards 'hanky points', which may be exchanged with any of the trainers for Thieving XP.

Extra Features

The necklace of skills can be used to teleport to the Fishing, Mining, Crafting and Cooking Guilds, while the bracelet of combat can teleport an adventurer to the Warriors', Champions' and Ranging Guild as well as the Monastery.