Construction - NPCs

The Estate Agent

Location of the Estate Agent
To build a house, you will first need to buy a plot. To do this, you need to visit the Estate Agent in Varrock.

The exact location of the Estate Agent is shown to the right. He can sell you a house, magically redecorate it or move its location.

If you are stuck, he also provides a useful book to guide you through the processes.

For a cost, the Estate Agent can redecorate your house, depending on your Construction level.

Style Level required Wall preview Outside preview Cost
Basic wood 1 [Image: Construction] [image] [image] 5,000gp
Basic stone 10 [Image: Construction] [image] [image] 5,000gp
Whitewashed stone 20 [Image: Construction] [image] [image] 7,500gp
Fremennik-style wood 30 [Image: Construction] [image] [image] 10,000gp
Tropical wood 40 [Image: Construction] [image] [image] 15,000gp
Fancy stone 50 [Image: Construction] [image] [image] 25,000gp
Zenevivia's dark stone 68 [Image: Construction] [image] [image] Free

Similar to the service provided in redecoration, when you reach a certain Construction level the Estate Agent can move your house if you wish.

Location Level
Cost Location Level

1 [Image: Construction] 5,000gp [image] 10 [Image: Construction] 5,000gp

20 [Image: Construction] 7,500gp [image] 30 [Image: Construction] 10,000gp

40 [Image: Construction] 15,000gp [image] 50 [Image: Construction] 25,000gp

The Sawmill Operator

Location of the Sawmill Operator
To build furniture you will need planks and a saw. These can be purchased from the Sawmill Operator who is found near the Lumber yard, north-east of Varrock.

The Sawmill Operator will sell useful items such as saws, cloth and nails. Most useful of all, he will turn logs into planks for a fixed price per log.

The Stonemason

Location of the Stonemason
To build more impressive furniture, you may find you are in need of materials like limestone bricks, marble blocks, gold leaf or even magic building stones.

All of these can be found by trading with the Stonemason, found in his house in Keldagrim on the south-west side.

The Gardener

Location of the Gardener
Found in Falador Park, the Gardener will happily sell you bagged plants, flowers and trees.

You can use these trees in the same manner that you build furniture. Take a plant to a garden hotspot and build it there if you have the correct plant.

You will also need a watering can with water in it to help the plant settle into the new soil.

The Taxidermist

Location of the Taxidermist
If you are lucky as you slay certain beasts of RuneScape, you may notice the head (or hand!) of a recently killed monster appears next to you on the floor. Occasionally you may also catch curiously large fish while Fishing.

On occasions like this, you should take this head/fish and some coins to the Taxidermist in Canifis. She can preserve the head/fish, so you can mount it on your wall (given you have the correct Construction level).

When you have mounted the head in your skill hall, you can talk to it for a little bit of fun, or just to show your friends your accomplishments.

Monster Cost Level
to mount
Monster Cost Level
to mount
Crawling hand
1000 38 [Image: Construction] [image] [image]
2000 38 [Image: Construction] [image]
4000 38 [Image: Construction] [image] [image]
6000 58 [Image: Construction] [image]
Abyssal demon
12000 58 [Image: Construction] [image] [image]
King Black Dragon
50000 78 [Image: Construction] [image]
Kalphite Queen
50000 78 [Image: Construction] [image]

The Herald

Location of the Herald
Found in the White Knights' Castle, the Herald can sell you maps and portraits, or amend your family crest.

The portraits and maps you can buy are based upon your quest achievements. For example, you cannot buy a map of Morytania if you have not completed certain quests in that area.

If you speak with the Herald, you will find out your family crest. If you do not want the one given, you can pay him to change it. The family crest you have chosen will appear around your house. It will be emblazoned on decorative shields, banners, helmets and decorations you make in your house.

Map/painting Cost Requirements
King Arthur portrait
1000 Holy Grail
Elena portrait
1000 Plague City
Giant Dwarf portrait
1000 The Giant Dwarf
Miscellanians portrait
1000 Throne of Miscellania
Lumbridge landscape
2000 Help Fred the Farmer with some sheep shearering
Cook's Assistant
Rune Mysteries
Restless Ghosts
Kharidian Desert landscape
2000 Prince Ali Rescue
Tourist Trap
The Feud
The Golem
Morytania landscape
2000 Shades of Mort'ton
Creature of Fenkenstrain
Ghosts Ahoy
Haunted Mine
Karamja landscape
2000 Pirate's Treasure
Tai Bwo Wannai Trio
Shilo Village
Isafdar landscape
2000 Roving Elves
Small map
1000 51 Quest Points
Medium map
1000 101 Quest Points
Large map
1000 151 Quest Points

The Servants

Servants' Guild in Ardougne
As your Construction level advances you will notice your ability to hire servants.

Different servants can do different tasks and make different things for you and your visitors. There is a more in-depth description of what servants can do here.