Capes of Accomplishment (Members)


The Cape of Accomplishment is a beautiful work of finery, made from costly materials and offered only to the masters of a skill. As such they are rarely seen and keenly sought by those without one, and worn with pride by those few who have earned the right.

Getting a Skillcape

To become the proud owner of a Cape of Accomplishment and hood, you must first have a level of 99 in a particular skill. Only hard work and persistence will get you to this level, but once achieved you are ready to purchase a Cape of Accomplishment and hood from one of the masters across RuneScape. There is only one master in each particular skill, and they all wear their very own Cape of Accomplishment and hood:

Skillcape master Location
Ajjat - Master of Attack
Within the Warriors' Guild in Burthorpe.
Sloane - Master of Strength
Within the Warriors' Guild in Burthorpe.
Melee instructor - Master of Defence
Amongst the other combat instructors in Lumbridge.
Armour salesman - Master of Ranging
Within the Ranging Guild in Hemenster.
Brother Jered - Master of Prayer
On the top level of the Monastery, north of the Barbarian Village.
Robe Store Owner - Master of Magic
On the middle level of the Magic Guild in Yanille.
Aubury - Master of Runecrafting
In the rune shop, in the centre of Varrock.
Surgeon General Tafani - Master of Constitution
In the Duel Arena hospital, to the north of the Duel Arena.
Cap'n Izzy No-Beard - Master of Agility
Outside the Brimhaven Agility Arena, to the east of Brimhaven.
Kaqemeex - Master of Herblore
At the Altar of Guthix, to the north of Taverley.
Martin Thwait - Master of Thieving
Downstairs in the Toad and Chicken, in the Rogues' Den of Burthorpe.
Master Crafter - Master of Crafting
In the Crafting Guild, north of Rimmington.
Hickton - Master of Fletching
Within the archery shop in Catherby.
Kuradal - Master of Slayer
In the Ancient Cavern, under Baxtorian Lake.
Hunting Expert - Master of Hunter
In her hut, south of the Feldip Hills.
Estate Agent - Master of Construction
In the north-east of Varrock.
Dwarf - Master of Mining
Guarding the ladders down to the Mining Guild, in south-east Falador.
Thurgo - Master of Smithing
In his hut, south of Port Sarim.
Master Fisher - Master of Fishing
Outside the Fishing Guild, in Hemenster.
Head Chef - Master of Cooking
In the Cooks' Guild, west of Varrock.
Ignatius Vulcan - Master of Firemaking
Wandering in the forest, south of Seers' Village.
Wilfred - Master of Woodcutting
Near the crossroads, north of Falador.
Martin the Master Gardener - Master of Farming
In the west of Draynor Village.
Pikkupstix - Master of Summoning
In the east of Taverley.
Thok - Master of Dungeoneering
In the camp south of Daemonheim.
Wise Old Man - Master of Quest Points
In his house in Draynor Village.

The Cape of Accomplishment and hood come with a hefty price tag, however. The materials are expensive and only the finest crafters make them, so each of the masters require 99,000 gold to part with them.

Those who have accrued 300 Quest Points can speak to Xenia in Lumbridge Graveyard to obtain The Helmet of Trials. Only obtainable by the most widely travelled of adventurers, this helmet is a symbol of heroic errantry to be worn with utmost pride.

The Skillcape Skill Boosts

Boosted firemaking skill
Though the Cape of Accomplishment hood may look pretty and keep off the rain during RuneScape's seasonal showers, it cannot compare to the Cape of Accomplishment in terms of usefulness and power. The Cape of Accomplishment contains magical properties that will boost the wearer's relevant skill from 99 to 100 for a short period of time. This boost may become invaluable in moments of need, and there is no better feeling than seeing your stat tipping over to 100!

Right-clicking on the Cape of Accomplishment and selecting 'Operate' will return the relevant skill level to 100, as will removing and then wearing the cape once the skill has gone down to 99.

The two exceptions to this rule are the Skillcape of Constitution and the Skillcape of Prayer. You will only be able to raise your maximum possible prayer and life point level once every minute.

Additionally, the Cape of Accomplishment carries a bonus to the combat stats. If the cape is trimmed (see further down) then the cape also holds a Prayer bonus.

Item Notes
Attack Bonuses Defence Bonuses Other
[Image: Stab] [Image: Slash] [Image: Crush] [Image: Magic] [Image: Range] [Image: Stab] [Image: Slash] [Image: Crush] [Image: Magic] [Image: Range] [Image: Summoning] [Image: Strength] [Image: Prayer]
Boosts for skillcape, not hood + 0 + 0 + 0 + 0 + 0 + 9 + 9 + 9 + 9 + 9 + 9 + 0 + 0

The Skillcape Emotes

Owners of a Cape of Accomplishment will not just be able to impress their friends with their spiked shoulders and natty insignia; each Cape of Accomplishment also comes with its own, individual emote. These are accessible from the bottom of the emote tab.

Trimmed Skillcapes

Those who buy their Cape of Accomplishment with two or more skills at a level of 99 will find that they receive a 'trimmed' version of their skillcape. Looking slightly different, these capes also provide a boost to their wearer's Prayer bonus, adding +4 while the cape is worn.

The Quest Point Cape

[image] The Quest Point Cape and hood are available to those who have completed every quest. These items can be bought from the Wise Old Man, inside his house in Draynor Village, for the princely sum of 99,000 gold.

RuneScape is full of danger and those looking for champions to rid the world of danger, so it is inevitable that more quests will be released as the game progresses. Upon logging into the game after a quest update, those wearing a Quest Point Cape will receive a warning, telling them that the Quest Point Cape has unequipped itself.

The Quest Point Cape and hood will be unwearable until the quest has been completed, at which point you will find that the cape and hood will be equipable once again. If you have no inventory slots for the unequipped Quest Point Cape and hood then they will be stored in your bank. If this, too, is full then you will have to return to the Wise Old Man to retrieve them for free.

Note - To receive the Quest Point Cape you will need to have completed every element of each quest and have all the necessary quest points.

Losing your Skillcape

The Cape of Accomplishment and hood are valuable items, and will only be lost in extreme situations (or when deliberately destroyed). Getting a Cape of Accomplishment and hood back will require another trip to the master of your maxed skill, and then repaying the 99,000 gold to retrieve them.

For more information on capes, browse the Cape Guide.