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26-July-2021 10:55

It is absolutely bat-shit bonkers that it's already the end of July. Who would have thought we would be ending this last update of July with such an amazing list of updates! Well, I did because our developers and contributors are amazing and they get SHIT done! I would like to speak about the elephant in the room - Preservation. I just want to make this very clear that for now we are only focused on Legacy. As stated in previous updates, Legacy has a x1 mode and does qualify you to aim towards the Hall of Fame. So much amazing content has been being push to Legacy including this week's content as well. So, put on your programming socks, goggles, and boot up those arch linux pcs and get ready to be amazed. All jokes aside, I love how much love and dedication goes into this project.

Content Additions

  • Added a brand new system to the codebase which allows the server to store arbitrary data across sessions in the form of JSON called the ServerStore.
  • Rewrote Penguin Hide and Seek to use the new Server Store, properly reset only once a week and spawn the full 10 intended.
  • Reworked shooting star daily turn-in to use new system
  • Shooting Star locations, levels, and discovery status are now saved across server sessions
  • Implemented Zaff's battlestaff daily reward for the Varrock diaries.
  • Reworked Ring of the Star Sprites to use the new system for tracking teleport reset.
  • Jobs system reworked to use the new system for daily cooldowns
  • Added in the ability to make scarecrows
  • Added the song unlock trigger border for Island of the Trolls
  • Added Gnome Bowstring Script ( Use ::script gnome_bowstring to start the script. There is overlay of how many flax is picked )
  • Added a new Gnome Agility course bot script ( Use ::script gnome_agility to start the script. Use SD mode to see an overlay of how many laps ran.)
  • Add explorer's ring actions to new serverstorage system.
  • Added Cactus Patch
  • Added Evil Turnip Patch
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed Ahrim's Staff to be two-handed as intended
  • Added a fix to the AbyssPlugin that makes it possible to enter the cave going to Keldagrim again
  • Fixed ID mismatch preventing Richard from opening his shop
  • Fixed a bug that could cause you to get stuck in the Drill Demon random event.
  • Fixed a growth-related bug with bushes
  • Fixed a slight bug with the random event manager
  • Restored Discord RPC integration for Linux users
  • Corrected the melee and range accuracy calculations
  • Corrected the melee and range damage calculations
  • Made Kalphite Queen's ranged attacks actually hit
  • Corrected Dharok's Greataxe animations
  • Fixed a bug that allowed you to get stuck while taking a glider
  • Corrected the list of supercompost items
  • Corrected an invalid ID that caused skeletal wyverns to drop lent dragon daggers
  • Corrected a bug with Shamus's tree
  • Revenant stats have been overhauled completely
Just a bunch of Statistics
  • Rebalanced the Nechryael Drop Table.
  • Rebalanced the Hobgoblin Drop Table.