Hidden in the Stars
Website Developer

19-July-2021 10:55

Welcome to this week's update post! We have some exciting news with the additions and fixes that we have in store for you. We are on our way yet again getting closer and closer to where we want to be and thank the devs and the contributors for putting their hard work in and really making these updates something to look at.

We are starting this week with a new content addition of The Ring of Starsprites with this update we added a new item that you are able to get from mining the dust by building it using the blueprints. Created another page to explain the item in better detail right : here

Content Additions
  • Added NPC aggression tolerance ( After ten minutes npc stop being aggressive towards you)
  • Explorer Ring 3 now has an equip-option for teleporting to cabbage patch.
  • Added bone burying to the Chicken Killer Script.
  • You can now use an axe on a tree and you will start woodcutting.
  • Added belladonna to the farming family
  • Added the fishing spots south of Jatizso
Bug Fixes
  • Explorer ring 3 is now obtainable
  • Fixed the Fruit Trees.
  • Fixed Wildblood seeds
  • Avantoe patches no longer turn into weeds.
  • Fixed Karambwanji fishing
  • Fixed Karambwan fishing
  • Fixed the skill obstacles in the abyss
  • Eastern Rock crabs are now multicombat.
  • Fixed Potential Brimhaven Exploit.
  • Added minimap to Shilo Village for it's mine.
  • Fixed a bug with the Rotten Potato
  • Fixed a bug where you got flung to the bone grinder by interacting with things in Port Phasmatys.
Some Grand Exchange Love
  • Fixed a bug that allowed untradable items to be offered for sale on GE.
  • Automated handling of recommended offer prices.
  • Cleaned up Ge Code significantly.
  • Fixed a bug where offers would not update without re-adding them.
  • Move ge offer updating on it's own thread ( should mitigate crashes caused by the GE.
  • Bot Sales are tuned since they sell for 10% more than the average price
  • Ge command is now :
    • ::ge buying - displays what is buying
    • ::ge selling - displays what is selling
    • ::ge search - searches through ge
Just a bunch of Statistics
  • Adjusted Charm drops
  • Rebalanced Ice Troll Grunt's Stats.
  • Rebalanced Blood Worm's Stats.
  • Rebalanced Crypt Rat's Stats.
  • Rebalanced Wallasalki's Stats.
  • Rebalanced Rock Crab's Stats.
  • Rebalanced Fire Giant's Drop Table.
  • Rebalanced Hill Giant's Drop Table.
  • Rebalanced Intitial Honour Guard's Stats.
  • Rod of Ivandis attack speed correcion.
  • Battle robe top 0 and battle robe bottom 0 are correctly tradable.
  • Rebalanced KBD Drop Table.( No longer reflects OSRS )
  • Neitiznot Supplies Shop's name correction.
  • Neitiznot Supplies Shop's Stock correction.
  • All Bone dagger varients are now tradable.
  • Bone dagger's speed is corrected
  • Dorgenshuun c'bow attack speed corrected.
Lets Examine This
  • All Bone dagger varients now have the correct examines.
  • Amulet of Glory/t now have correct examines.
  • All Purchaseable dog pets now have correct examines for both the item and the npc
  • All 30 Ivandis Flail examines corrected.
  • Rod of Ivandis examine fixes
  • Rod clay mould examine fixes
  • Rune Spikeshield examine fixes