It's the Little things
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05-July-2021 10:55

There are a few custom things like our server bots, our in-game botting system, and some of our Easter eggs that make us stand different than other servers for sure. But one of the biggest things that makes us differ from other private servers is we fully give the remake feel by adding the small little things that Jagex added to the game. From taunting the demon in the wizard tower to using the sulphor vents to cook things. This week we looked into adding more of the small things that really make the remake feel like a remake and for real Gower brother Runescape fans to enjoy.

Content Additions

  • Construction supplies shop is now back in action (added facing_booth flag to sawmill operator)
  • Keldagrim Stonemason shop added
  • Locked Legends Cape behind 40 quest points ( Get to questing! )
  • Added the Monty Python easter egg Jagex created.
  • Added support for the Ourg,Fayrg and Raurg bones to the bonegrinder/ectofuntus
  • Using hats on hat stands now performs the authentic interaction
  • Added functionality to the wizard guild portals.
  • You can now use things like "500k" for amounts in trades, ge and bank interface.
Bug Fixes
  • The barefisted smithing perk now properly activates.
  • Gathering and using compost now rewards xp.
  • Geese can now move in the water/
  • Chololate bars now grindable by pestle&mortar as well as a knife.
  • Construction supplies stock adjusted
  • Obli's General Store (Shilo VIllage) shop stock totally corrected.
  • Jiminua's Jungle Store stock corrections
  • Arrow shafts now give 5xp instead of the inauthentic 15xp
  • Tipping arrows with adamant arrowheads now give 11.3xp not the 10xp.
  • Tipping arrows with broad arrowheads now give 15xp instead of the 10xp.
  • Tipping bolts with opal tips now give 4.7xp instead of the 4xp
  • Tipping bolts with sapphire tips now give 4.7xp instead of the 4xp
  • Fixed all shops that had an inauthentic price value.
  • Mystic hats no longer clip through the player's hair.
  • 3rd Age Range equipment now have correct stat requirements (65 Ranged, 45 Defence)
  • 3rd Age mage equipment now have correct stat requirements (65 Magic 30 Defence)
  • Infinity robes now have correct stat requirements (50 Magic 25 Defence)
  • Rebalanced the Dark beast drop table from the 2011 Runescape wiki to the 2009 drops.
  • Fixed the door that made camera at Pyramid Plunder go crazy
  • Rebalanced the mithril dragons drop table.
  • Vials can no longer be filled from well as this was not possible in Runescape. Added the dialogue with.
  • Rebalanced General Graardor's drop table.
  • Rebalanced Cock Roach Soldier's drop table.
  • Kalphite Queen now properly poisonous
  • Fixed an exploit related to offering bones
  • Rebalanced the blue dragons drop table.
  • Rebalanced the red dragons drop table.
  • Northern door as Ardougne castle's second floor is now correct.
  • Fixed the bind, entangle, and ensnare spells.
  • Fixed the issue that was going on with tab replies.
  • Fixed all Mort'ton shades/shadows stats
  • Rebalanced Kree'aara drop table
Source Improvements
  • Added thread safety to region manager as well as Kotlin.
  • Daily server reset at 6p.m-7p.m CST
  • Implemented Signpost for varrock guards and added methods for map registering with the content api.
  • Client now forces Java to use IPv4
Extra little well worth it additions
  • Sarah's Farming Shop (Falador farm) stock corrections
  • Harry's Fishing Shop (Catherby) stock corrections
  • Warrior's Guild Food Shop name correction
  • Brian's Archery Supplies (Rimmington) stock correction
  • Wydin's Food Store (Port Sarim) name correction
  • Gerrant's Fishy Business (Port Sarim) stock correction
  • Moved the spawnpoint of Gerrant a bit further into the shop to make him walk
  • Grum's Gold Exchange (Port Sarim) name correction
  • Grum's Gold Exchange/Jewellery Shop (Port Sarim) stock correction
  • Brian's Battleaxe Bazaar (Port Sarim) stock correction
  • Betty's Magic Emporium (Port Sarim) stock correction
  • Wayne's Chains (Falador) stock correction
  • Herquin's Gems (Falador) name correction
  • Flynn's Mace Market (Falador) name correction
  • Flynn's Mace Market (Falador) shop stock correction
  • Cassie's Shield Shop (Falador) name correction
  • Cassie's Shield Shop (Falador) stock correction
  • The Garden Centre (Falador) stock correction
  • ail Guard now has correct death animation
  • Brian (Rimmington) examine added
  • Rommik (Rimmington) examine added
  • POH portal examine added
  • Hetty's wardrobes examine added
  • Hetty examine added
  • Da Vinci examine added
  • Taria examine added
An Amazing week of patches and additions! See you guys next week for the next addition of Blogging with Summer