Happy Easter!
Website Developer

04-Apr-2021 00:00:00

Happy Easter everyone! I hope everyone has an EGG-TASTIC day! We are on first official 2009scape Easter. Kermit is hopping around both worlds this holiday helping the Easter bunny hide some eggs. Make sure to follow up in the Community Channel on Discord for more information. We have a ton more small Hide-N-Seek events going on as well where you need to find the frog or lets say bunny for easy credits. Make sure to login and participate in the egg hunt to obtain the easter emotes in-game.

Also the Frog himself has added new Easter Quotes to our beloved Adventure bots for you to check it out with some new funny catch phrases for you to love! Anyways super short Easter post since I am exhausted while writing this and I am running out of things to say but I hope everyone has a fantastic easter. The event lasts until April 9th EST! so make sure you hurry to collect the eggs while you still can! Please post pictures of your adventures in the media section on discord and I'll make sure I'll add them to the website!

A big Thank you to Ceikry/Celery for throwing this easter egg hunt together for us. I hope everyone has time to HOP on and find the eggs.