Buggy Madness
Website Developer

15-Mar-2021 00:00:00

Hi guys! There's a cute update once again this week for all of you to explore. We know with fixing the some of the old Arios code there was going to be some problems. However, Ceikry has been on the case and has fixed some of the bugs! He spends a bunch of time on this project to make sure each day new things can be added or fixed for a better overall experience for everyone. Okay, enough of my rambling time to bring on the real goods.

Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed a bug with ava's accumulator that would prevent you from re-equipping it after removing it
  • Fixed a bug that would cause talking to certain NPCs to crash the server
  • Fixed a bug where you could water patches with nothing planted in them
  • Old compost bins from pre-rewrite should now clear properly on login
  • Fixed a bug where Dramen Tree Spirit wouldn't spawn
  • The ::ge command now displays results alphabetically
  • Fertile soil spell has now been re-implemented.
  • Farming cape perk has been re-implemented.
  • Compost Mound special move re-implemented.
  • Cure plant spell has been re-implemented.
  • Fixed a bug where farming produce could be put into the wrong kind of container (basket vs sack)
  • Hat/hair clipping has been corrected. Please report as bugs any hats where the hair pokes through/still shows
  • Farmer dialogue has been made more human-friendly when requesting patch protection
  • Fixed raking not playing an animation for stage 1 weeds
  • Fixed a bug where planting a seed in a plant pot could take a whole stack of seeds
  • Corrected the level requirement for white lillies
  • Fixed a bug with depositing 5 items in the leprechaun tool interface
  • Fixed a bug that prevented you from speaking with the Maze Guardian during MTA.
  • Disabled afaroutdude's borked implementation of A Soul's Bane until it can be properly implemented
  • Readded Sir Gawain's dialogue (fixes Merlin's Crystal)
  • Removed various bits of debug text
  • Readded farmer dialogue/shop
  • Patches should now correctly grow while offline
  • Canoe system has been completely redone