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13-Jan-2021 00:00:00

What's a remake without focus on unique features that build the game?

Quick chat is here!

Interested in the technical implementation? Look here! Note; all 2009scape code is under AGPL license. Only other open source projects can use it too!

But that's not all..

New Content:

  • Fishing Trawler is here!
    • Implemented the fishing trawler minigame in its entirety
    • Added bank chest near fishing trawler
    • Guide for fishing trawler can be found here
  • Quick Chat is here!
  • Rapid Restore and Rapid Heal now function
  • You can now light logs on the ground by using a tinderbox on them.
  • Ironman icons are here! Show off your account to others :)
  • Added infinite stock to some shops
  • The rotten potato has been revamped

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed al-kharid warrior behavior
  • Chaos Elemental can no longer kill your familiar after death
  • Fixed some of the lag caused by bots after long server runtimes
  • Fixed ducks not moving on water
  • Interacting with ground items (i.e. Light Logs) now works

The site has also had some updates this month. We're working on a brand new Activities hiscores page! Be sure to check it out and share any suggestions you have in the Discord.

See the Activity Hiscores here!

This update will go live very shortly! Enjoy everyone