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Released every week, the polls are our best chance to receive opinions on the important issues of RuneScape, from those people that really matter: You!

With your help, we can get answers that we could not have received elsewhere. This ranges from those skills you want released, to what made you become a member. These are answers that will help us understand what you want from us, allowing us to change the game to suit your wants and needs.

We really appreciate you taking the time to complete the polls. With your help the polls can change your RuneScape experience for the better.

Don't forget - if you have any poll questions you would like to submit for Player Poll week, then send them to . Hopefully you will see them published in an upcoming week!

This week's poll
Player Submitted Poll #22  (Free/Member)

Roll up! Roll up! It's time for a new Player-Submitted Poll! That's right folks, this weeks' poll is 100% about our players and some of the most interesting questions they've posed to our polls inbox over the last few weeks. Which areas of the map are driving you mad? Do you like to keep a tidy bank? Who's so evil that they'd make a great movie villain? All of this and more are begging to be answered, so get voting now!

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Recent polls
Tough Calls (06-Jul-2010)

This week's poll is a "Player-Inspired Poll" courtesy of Mr Computer2. They wanted to know what the good and great players of RuneScape would most likely do if faced with impossibly tough in-game decisions. We liked this idea so much, we've decided to use their question to kick us off. Be warned, though, all the others come from our own fiendish minds. Enter if you dare!

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RuneScape Quiz #4 (29-Jun-2010)

Last month we pitted you against a selection of tricky brain-teasers, taking in all kinds of topics from silly hats to King Cabbage stats! Well, you told us how much you loved it and so the RuneScape Quiz is back for another stab at your grey matter.

Again, this quiz is just for fun, but we'll post the answers in our "Official Poll Feedback & Ideas" thread at QFC: 103-104-0-60836872 next week. Good luck - you'll need it! ;)

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Guaranteed Content: Halloween 2010 Reward (14-Jun-2010)

Halloween might seem like a long way off, but just like a Mort Myre Ghast, it's certainly creeping up on us! By casting your vote in this very special guaranteed content poll now, you can help to decide what the reward will be when the Halloween event finally comes around this October! Cool huh?

All of the options you see below have come from the brilliant suggestions that our forum community put forward to us, so many thanks to all that took part. Right, enough of the introductions - pick your favourite suggestion and help it see the light of day (or should that be the glow of the moonlight?). Get voting now!

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