Submit a Bug Report

Welcome to the report a bug page. We work hard to make sure the game is as bug free as possible and rely on user reports to keep it that way. Please fill out the form below and provide as much detail as you can. The more detail, the better!

The types of things we consider to be bugs are:
  • Points in a quest where you can't continue due to a quest becoming impossible to complete
  • Map areas where you can get stuck or that don't look quite right
  • Graphical glitches such as animations not playing properly
  • Spelling and grammatical errors (submit these under the "Wording" category)
  • Content that should exist but doesn't (We are revision 530, January 28, 2009)
  • Things in the game world blatantly being nonfunctional when they should be (within reason) Unstarted minigames, etc excluded.
  • And so on. Please note again that bugs should only be reported for things we've clearly already tried to implement.